Carpet bleach stains and spots

Important Facts About Carpet Bleach Stains and Spots

Important Facts About Carpet Bleach Stains and Spots

Carpet bleach stains and spots are a big challenge to clean cleaning and they rank among the most difficult stains to clean. They often come from chemical spills on the carpet that oxidizes the color of the carpet. The colors can be partially or removed by the bleach. Chemicals like Sodiumperborate, sodium percarbonate, sodium persulphate, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and chlorine can bleach a carpet and ruin its original color.

A Bleach Spot is not a Stain But it is a Chemical Reaction

There is a difference between carpet bleach stains and spots created by bleach. Bleach stains on the carpet are bleach substances that spill on the carpet. They can be removed by careful cleaning using a paper towel, dish soap and warm water. Cleaning bleach stains when discovered on the carpet is the only way from stopping the substances from bleaching your carpet. It is important to remove bleach stains because they can spread and bleach other areas. 

Removing Carpet Bleach Stains and Spots

Bleaching is the oxidation of a carpet color by a bleaching chemical or agent. Bleach spots are not stains that can be removed by any cleaning method. It is an irreversible chemical reaction that removes a carpet color. Bleach spots leave behind yellow or lighter versions of the original carpet. This makes the carpet look unattractive due to uniform color.

Bleach stains and spots are related because it is from bleach stains that spots are formed. Carpet bleach spots come from stains that are not promptly cleaned. As it remains on the carpet, bleaching occurs. Carpet bleach stains and spots pose a challenge to your clean carpet but they can be removed. While it is advisable to clean bleach stains as soon as they are discovered to stop them from causing more damage to the carpet, the best way to handle already bleached spots is by coloring and dyeing using the same color as the carpet.

Green Tech cleaning and Your Carpet

Carpet bleach stains and spots can be on your carpet if you do not professionally handle carpet cleaning. Professionals often use the best cleaning chemicals that have no negative effect on your carpet. Green Tech cleaning ensures that our cleaning does not harm you, your carpet, or your environment. Contact us for your home, office and general carpet cleaning services.

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