weekly carpet vacuuming

7 Basic Pros of Weekly Carpet Vacuuming

Weekly Carpet Vacuuming

There are no limits to the number of times that you can vacuum your carpet especially if it is located in a busy place. The idea of a weekly carpet cleaning is the minimum expectation for any carpet owner to give the best care to the carpet.

No matter how clean a carpet has been, after it is used for a week there will be some accumulation of dirt and dust on the surface. People steeping on it with their feet will press on the dirt particle to go down the carpet fibers.

These processes will continue if cleaning is delayed until the carpet will no longer be able to contain the dirt in them. The next thing will be wear and tear of the carpet fibers. Some of the fibers will even wear out totally and mix with dust particles.

7 Pros of Weekly Carpet Vacuuming

1 Enhance Carpet Appearance Your carpet will look good if you imbibe the culture of cleaning your carpet weekly. This does not mean just once but as many times as necessary every week. If your carpet is located in an office or business premises, your clean carpet will boost your brand image.

2 Residue Removal When you regularly vacuum your caret, residues from chemicals and cleaning solutions will be removed. If residues are left to mix with dirt on a carpet, it constitutes a nuisance and an ugly sight to visitors.

3 Removes Traffic Lane Pressure Carpet in high traffic areas has to face traffic lane pressure which weakens the carpet fibers along the lane that has high traffic. The weakened fibers become susceptible to dirt and can wear out easily without regular weekly vacuuming.

4 Stain Removal With regular weekly carpet vacuuming, stains will be effectively removed. Even when they occur as a result of spilled substances, vacuuming can be done as part of the processes to remove the stains.

5 Carpet Will Last Longer Contrary to the fears that vacuuming can make a carpet look old too soon, regular weekly carpet vacuuming will make the carpet last longer. The fibers will be strengthened each time you vacuum and they will not be weakened by dirt accumulation.

6 Dirt Removal Just like vacuuming helps to remove stains from carpet, it also removes dirt too. You would not have dirt accumulating if you do weekly carpet cleaning.

7 Healthy Environment Regular weekly carpet vacuuming ensures that dust, dirt and germs do not find a hiding place in your carpet. This will make not only the carpet but the air and room to be clean and germ-free.

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