Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning For COVID-19

Essential Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning For COVID-19

Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning For COVID-19

As businesses tend to resurface, Commercial disinfectant cleaning for COVID-19 is now paramount and should be required to run a healthy organization. Small Businesses, Office buildings, and restaurants are all underway to reopening. There are new Protocols and interaction guidelines. Even our daily clothing and fashion sense has changed drastically, due to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

The COVID-19 virus can spread from person-to-person in close contact; hence the COVID-19 face-mask publicly worn by virtually everyone. Close-contact and ignorance tend to be the most common means of transmission. Some public spaces reopening may lack the space required for maintaining social distancing, thereby, contributing to the further spread of the Coronavirus to workers and patrons alike.

This has been a major concern for returning workers that have families at home with critical care conditions. So yes, safety and ease of the virus transmission is still a major business.

The virus has been known to be transmitted to people from contaminated surfaces. The most popular culprits are doorknobs, bars & countertops, bar stools, faucet handles, and other high-touch surfaces. These areas put everyone at risk.

Experts have stated that the virus can remain on a variety of hard surfaces and materials for many hours even for days. The best practices and preventive measures to address the spread of the virus are frequent Commercial disinfectant cleaning for COVID-19. Commercial and public spaces require frequent cleaning of surfaces and then disinfecting. Before Coronavirus disinfectant cleaning services, public facilities also need to consider other factors such as adequate ventilation systems. Businesses should ensure that their ventilation systems in their facility operate properly. If your business or office space has been shut down for a while be sure to review and the startup guidance provided by ASHRAE.

The Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning For COVID-19 Process

The first step of the commercial cleaning for the covid19 process is the removal of dirt and visible impurities from exposed surfaces. Please note that the initial cleaning doesn’t kill the virus but, reduces the chance of spreading diseases. Remember for proper Disinfecting, use only registered Environment Protection Agency (EPA) certified disinfectant solutions and contamination cleaning gear. This should always be preceded by thorough cleaning which helps clear the surface areas for direct application of the chemical to kill germs. Before the use of any commercial-grade cleaning solutions, be sure to consult a local cleaning service professional as recommended by the CDC.

Expert-level Commercial Disinfectant Cleaning For COVID-19

Green Tech commercial cleaning service is uniquely ready, during this COVID-19 era, to offer cleaning and disinfecting services to your facility. We have proven experience in commercial disinfectant cleaning for COVID-19 as well as other related health risks and contamination cleaning. At Green Tech, we are prepared to deliver excellence on every service call. We ensure comprehensive disinfectant cleaning that is otherwise not guaranteed by standard janitorial cleaning services. Our cleanup procedure generally covers porous and non-porous surfaces as well as equipment, tools, and supplies.

For more information or to request commercial-grade cleaning services please call Green Tech at 850-564-3318 for a free quote.

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