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5 Overlooked Areas During Operating Room Cleaning

5 Overlooked Areas During Operating Room Cleaning

Operating room cleaning is an important part of health facility cleaning. A properly cleaned operating room ensures the safety of patients during any procedure. While most hospitals are aware of the importance of health facility cleaning, their cleaning checklist often fails to recognize some key areas. This article will indicate some key areas that are often missed during operating room cleaning.


Corners and Behind Equipment

Most people remember to clean equipment and other times in the room. However, they often forget to clean corners and behind the equipment as these areas are not easily noticeable. The fact that these areas are left uncleaned for a long time makes them a great hiding spot for germs. Take the time to properly clean these areas to eliminate germs.


Most people assume that the ceiling is untouched and as such, it is not susceptible to harboring germs. This gives rise to it being overlooked during operating room cleaning. However, the ceiling often harbors germs that can cause diseases. If the accumulated germs end up falling on the ground, there can pose health risks to patients.

Biohazard Cans

Biohazard cans are used to dispose of biohazard wastes during operations. Considering that these cans harbor harmful materials, they need to be properly cleaned and disinfected at all times. Failure to clean the biohazard trash cans can see medical waste spread and cause infectious diseases in the hospital. Make sure that the can is properly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Operating room cleaning


While most people will identify the operating table as the surface that is prone to harboring the most germs, the floor is another area to watch out for. It is not unusual for bodily fluids and other harmful substances to find their way to the floor. Cleaning alone won’t suffice in this instance as the floor needs to be properly disinfected to rid it of the harmful elements.

Cabinets and Drawers

During operating room cleaning, the cabinets and drawers are some of the most important areas to focus on. Although, the exterior is often properly cleaned, cleaning for the interior is overlooked which gives germs room to hide. Considering that several hands reach into the drawers and cabinets, you need to ensure that they are properly cleaned to minimize the spread of germs.


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