Covid-19 cleaning

Disinfectants: An Effective Tool In The Fight Against COVID-19

Owing to the current Covid-19 pandemic, frequent cleaning and disinfecting are essential in maintaining a safe and healthy living. This safety should extends to other members, be it family, friends, or even colleagues.

As we know, the virus is a respiratory infection. You can contract the virus through physical contacts and droplets.

Since the outbreak, there have been greater calls for maintaining a clean space and personal hygiene. Therefore, the need for disinfectants is very vital. The virus effects on human health is causing many deaths across the globe.

This virus can live off surfaces such as furniture, tables, chairs, light sockets, switches, computer peripherals, electronic equipment, and sinks, electronics (touch screens and controls), counter-tops, stairway rails, floors, and walls.

These surfaces are likely to be unsafe due to exposure, therefore they must undergo proper cleaning and disinfecting to prevent spreading the virus. As well as washing of hands and applying sanitizers to reduce exposure to the virus.

After many researches and trials, two products have proven to be effective. When used on hard, non-porous surfaces, they can kill Covid-19. They just got approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Disinfectant Spray

Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist meet the criteria to be used against the virus. Notably, there are more than 420 products on the list of disinfectants that were tested to be strong enough to kill the virus, however, only these two products tested directly against the virus and were proven effective.

Our cleaning service focuses, not only on the standard cleaning and maintenance, but also on in-depth coronavirus cleaning. We apply the best practices to ensure a germ-free space that is safe from virus, dirt, and germs alike.

Using modern tools, we disinfects all your environment; hence, guaranteeing the best results.

As normal schedule gradually takes shape, there is a need for thorough cleaning in schools, homes, and  workplaces. A cleaning service that understands the correlation between a healthy lifestyle and a clean environment as well as prepared to maintain a balance between both is one you need at your home or office.

If you are still thinking on how to clean your environment (kitchen, toilets, carpets, office, pool, etc.) during Covid-19 pandemic, just contact us here.

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