Disinfectant fog

Guide to using Disinfectant Fog for Cleaning

Guide to using Disinfectant Fog for Cleaning

-How can disinfectant fog be used for cleaning

-Benefits of disinfectant fogging

-How to prepare your building for disinfection fogging

As Coronavirus continues to be a menace to the health and safety of people, we have to come up with new ways to keep buildings and people virus-free. This is where disinfectant fog cleaning becomes important. Although disinfectant fogging has been in existence for years, the use of this cleaning technique just became more paramount.

What is disinfectant fog cleaning?

Disinfectant fog

Disinfectant fogging is a cleaning technique that makes building cleaning and disinfection easy. This cleaning technique is used to disinfectant a large area quickly unlike spray bottles that only cover a targeted surface. Fogging creates a mist that completely covers the room and disinfects surfaces that are hard to reach.

Fogging disinfection involves the conversion of disinfectant solutions into vapor. After this, the vapor is spread into the desired areas of the room. Fogging application is effective because it covers and disinfects anything that it comes in contact with.

Benefits of using disinfect fog

Disinfectant fog

Fogging disinfection can be used to disinfect a wide area quickly and lower the chances of germs and viruses being spread between people.

Fogging cleaning offers a great way to reach areas of the building that are difficult to reach with hand. Vapor from the fogging machine lands on surfaces and kills germs easily.

Fogging disinfection can be used to clean buildings of all sizes. While spray bottles may be used for only surfaces in the building, fogging will disinfect the entire building.

How to prepare for fogging

If you want to use disinfectant fogging in your building, follow these guidelines to prepare


  • Remove everything on tables and counters
  • Remove groceries from open areas to prevent them from being covered in the mist
  • Store kitchen utensils properly
  • Remove children toys and other items that make contact with their mouth


Fog disinfectant is a powerful tool for keeping your building free from germs and viruses. Schedule fogging disinfection with Green Tech Cleaning today. We offer disinfection and cleaning services for commercial and residential premises. Contact us today.


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