How to clean with magic erasers

13 Ways to Clean with Magic Erasers

How to clean with magic erasers

The magic eraser is one of the most common cleaning materials at home. This special melamine foam provides a cleaning solution to a variety of cleaning problems. If you have a cleaning problem that is difficult to get rid of, it is probably because you haven’t tried the Magic eraser. In this article, we will be talking about the best ways to clean with magic erasers.

What is the magic eraser?

Most people know what magic erasers are but not everyone knows how they are created. Magic erasers are made from melamine foam in combination with other chemicals. This cleaning material is hard and tight but it is very gentle on surfaces. The best part is that they do not pose any risk to objects and humans.

Magic eraser cleaning hacks

  1. One is of the most common uses of magic erasers is for cleaning of grease stains on stovetops. Just one swipe of this cleaner and everything is gone.
  2. Another way to clean with magic erasers is by rubbing them over metals to remove rusts.
  3. Do you need to polish jewelry? You can also use the eraser for this.
  4. They are also great for removing watermarks in a big body of water.
  5. This cleaner is great for removing tough stains like paint, ink, and dye.
  6. Clean your leather couch and pockets with the magic eraser to remove dirt and leave them shiny.
  7. Magic Erasers can also be used to remove minor scratches on your car’s paint job.
  8. They can be used to clean electronics like television and smartphones to remove dust easily.
  9. Wipe the dust off your window screen with this special cleaner
  10. Another way to clean with magic erasers is by using them to remove oil stains from plastics.
  11. You can cut a piece of this foam and leave it in your toilet bowl overnight to remove dirt.
  12. The crayon stains that we find difficult to remove can be cleaned off with this eraser.
  13. Lastly, use the eraser to clean your shoes and remove grass stains from them.

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