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House Cleaning: 5 ways of maintaining a good home air quality

The more occupied a place is by particles of dirt moving in the air the easier for viruses and germs to spread. Now, that’s bad news if your home air quality is poor.

It has been proven that the Covid-19 virus can remain in the air from 6 minutes to hours and spread through tiny droplets and particles in the air. (Center for Diseases Control, CDC).

This goes for other germs and bacteria too aside from the coronavirus that are airborne. That is why every home deserves a good air quality.

Having good home air quality is very important to maintaining your health especially in this period of a highly infectious and airborne Coronavirus.

There are many simple ways to keep your home air quality good. If you can observe some simple processes like sanitizing, dusting, cleaning, ventilation, and exterior maintenance then you will certainly not have germs and impurities in your indoor air.

Don’t be worried if you are unable to carry out these tasks. Green Tech Cleaning can help you achieve good home air quality through cleaning.

Maintaining a good home air quality

1 Sanitizing

Sanitizing your hands and surfaces around your home kills bacteria and viruses that can cause ill health. It has to be done regularly so that bacteria and viruses do not contaminate the air. The percentage of germs in an indoor air will drop in a well disinfected and sanitized home.

House Cleaning: 5 ways of maintaining a good home air quality Home air quality
Coronavirus cleaning

2 Dusting

Do not allow dust to accumulate on surfaces like furniture, fans, carpet, upholstery. They help germs to thrive and cause irritation to the respiratory system.

Make sure that the doors and windows are open when dusting to ensure that particles and germs do not resettle on other surfaces.

It is advisable to use a dry cloth to gently wipe the dusty surface or vacuum soft surfaces like carpets and upholstery.

home air quality
Dusting surfaces and places at home

3 Interior Cleaning

Regular cleaning using environmentally friendly solutions can guarantee good home air quality. Green Tech Cleaning offers different types of cleaning services including general house cleaning to remove dirt, dust, stains, and germs from surfaces and the air using industry-standard methods.

home air quality
interior cleaning

4 Exterior cleaning

If your home exterior window, deck and patios, and surrounding are very dirty, the air quality in your home will be poor. They should also be kept clean to ensure the exchange of clean air.

home air quality
Cleaning exterior home (Power washing)

5 Ventilation
The CDC considers ventilation as a way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Ventilation allows the free exchange and movement of air to prevent germs and microbes from accumulating in a place. It is a great way to keep the air quality in your home germ-free.

home air quality
House ventilation


House Cleaning: 5 ways of maintaining a good home air quality Home air quality
windows open for natural ventilation


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