House cleaning workouts

Best House Cleaning Workouts

Best House Cleaning Workouts

Two of the most important things to humans are keeping fit and maintaining a clean environment. Most times, people have to find a way to make both of them work even under a tight schedule. What if I told you there is a way to transform your house cleaning routine into a daily workout, like killing two birds with a stone right? Well, in this article, I’ll be sharing with you, the best house cleaning workouts to keep you fit while working round the clock.

Best House cleaning workouts to try under a tight schedule;


Mopping is a great way to exercise while keeping your home clean. Instead of the regular standing mop most people use, you can try short mops that require you to squat. Squats help to increase the body’s flexibility and strength. It also helps you clean the floor better since you’re working with all legs and arms.

Car washing

Cars washing is a good exercise for people who would like to work on their upper body. While washing, you’re prone to doing exercises such as leg extensions, squats, and stretches as you wash the body and windows of the car. These exercises can help you burn up to 100 calories while washing the car.


Dusting is also among the best house cleaning workouts. This cleaning routine allows you the opportunity to stretch and bend, especially when you reach up to clean cobwebs and down for cabinets and furniture. Dusting also encourages people to squat, which is great for legs extension. 10 minutes of squatting while dusting can allow you to burn 40 calories.

Making beds

Making beds is one of the house cleaning workouts that people who stay home all day should consider. While laying your bed in the morning, make the effort to try some bends and stretches. The cleaning routine encourages bending down and straightening up which increases flexibility and balance.

Washing dishes

Even though you have a dishwasher that can help you with the dishes, it is good idea do them yourself once in a while. Washing dishes tones the muscles in your arms. You get to stretch and stand which has some positive effects on your fitness.

These house cleaning workouts can help you maintain fitness without going to the gym. However, if you feel the house chores are too much to handle, you can count on Greentech. We offer House Cleaning services to residential apartments in Crestview Fl. Contact us today for inquires.



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