Remove cat pee smell

Best ways to remove cat pee smell at home

Best ways to remove cat pee smell at home

Almost everyone loves cats, but we tend to question that love when most areas of your home are filled with the stink from their urine. You don’t want this bad odor to be the first thing that welcome people when they come to visit. How do you remove cat pee smell? This article will provide answers to that question.


How to remove cat pee smell from Upholstery

Getting rid of these felines’ urine smell on the couch can be a difficult task, especially if the pee has soaked through the cushioning. The urine smell causes bad odor at home and in some cases, leads to the breeding of mold at home. Enzyme cleaners can be used to get rid of the smell on the couch. These cleaners will remove the stain caused by the urine and eliminate odors. A solution of vinegar and water can also be used in the absence of this.


How to remove cat pee smell from the carpet

The house furniture is not the only thing that can be affected by cat urine. If your cat tends to pee on the carpet, you will have to deal with the stench emanating from it. Leaving the urine uncleaned for a long time can cause permanent damages to carpets at home. Enzyme cleaners can also be used to clean the carpet, along with a damp towel. After cleaning, the carpet needs to be dried properly. This can be done by sprinkling baking soda on the wet area before vacuuming.


Remove cat pee smell from clothes

The clothes are often not left out from this pee attack from cats. When clothes get soiled with cat urine, people usually put them in the washing machine. This could be a mistake, as the wetness can cause the odor to spread. Other clothes in the washer will also get affected. Instead, the affected area can be soaked in cold water before washing it vinegar. After this, you clothe becomes odor-free and can be dried.


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