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5 Important Benefits of Regular Pool Tile Cleaning

5 Important Benefits of Regular Pool Tile Cleaning

Perhaps the pool tiles are the easiest part of the swimming pool to clean. Regular pool tile cleaning is required from all pool owners, it is not optional. If you have ever wondered why pools have tiles, then the right answer is to make cleaning a lot easier. Pool tiles are not frequently cleaned but after a period of activity that ought to be cleaned to remove dirt that have accumulated.

Tile surfaces are smooth so dirt can easily be removed when cleaning. Cleaning is very important in maintaining well-functioning swimming pool that will last long. If it is not done at certain intervals, the swimming pool will be negatively affected.

Pool tile cleaning can be done at least once in two months depending on the number of people that the swimming pool serves. A pool with high user traffic should be cleaned more than once.

Benefits of Regular Pool Tile Cleaning

1 It Remove Calcium Deposits

The calcium contained in hard water cannot decompose even when treated. So, it remains in the pool water and settles on the tiles. There is no other way to effectively remove calcium from the tiles than to drain the pool before cleaning to remove calcium deposits. When accumulated in large quantity, they can have a negative effect on the pool chemical level, causing an imbalance.

2 Organic Matter Deposits are Removed

Regular pool tile cleaning can remove organic matter from the tiles. Organic matter like leaves, particles and dirt that sink into the swimming pool finally settle on the tiles. They can clog the pool filter and make it inefficient.

3 It Removes Algae Thorough Vacuuming

No one likes algae dominated pool which often looks green. Algae can grow so it must have developed over a period in which the pool tiles were left unclaimed. Baking soda can be added to weaken the root of algae n the tiles but it cannot remove them.

4 Stain Removals

Whatever sinks into the pool can stain the pool tiles especially when they begin to decay. It is so with leaves and other deposits which apart from leaving dirt’s also cause stains to the tiles. Such stains like oily scum deposited by the organic matter are common in swimming pool tiles that are not well maintained.

5 kill Bacteria and Germs

When regular pool tile cleaning is not done, dirt and germs will accumulate. Germs will hide under dirt and will survive shocking with disinfectants because the dirt will make the chemicals used to be less effective. If you clean your pool tiles then germs and bacteria will be effectively removed by disinfectant chemicals like chlorine.

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