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4 Simple Tips for Efficiently Cleaning Home Air Conditioner

Tips for Cleaning Home Air Conditioner

Cleaning the home air conditioner is important especially during the summer when most people use their air conditioners to control their home temperature. To enable it to serve you efficiently, you need to clean it while carrying out general home cleaning.

As it works to regulate room temperature, dust and dirt particles can settle on its different parts and make it less efficient. It can even result in a situation whereby the air conditioner will aggravate the spread of dust particles and bacteria around the room.

Tips for Cleaning Home Air Conditioner

1 Switch off the Air Conditioner to enable you open the panel.

This is a rule that applies not only to cleaning home air conditioner but it is required for cleaning all electrical appliances too.

It is not right to clean an electrical device while it is still working so the first step to cleaning your air conditioner is to switch it off.

2 Gently remove and clean the filter thoroughly

The air conditioner filter does a lot of work and it can easily be filled with dust after working for a long time. That is why the filter should be properly cleaned. This requires washing thoroughly with water.

3 Clean evaporator

You can use a small brush to softly brush the evaporator to remove dirt and dust particles there. After operating for a long time, dirt from the room can settle on it. This can be achieved by using a toothbrush. However, other small and soft brush can be used.

4 Clean air conditioner surfaces

By using a clean cloth, wipe off dust particles from the surface of the air conditioner. Stains in form of accumulated dust can be scrubbed gently with cloth.

Why You Need These Tips?

After cleaning, all parts removed should be properly placed back in the right position. That is how simple these tips have made cleaning home air conditioners.

House cleaning generally is very important but the cleaning of home air conditioner makes the work of house cleaning complete. A dirty air conditioner in a clean room will only spread dirt and germs.  

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