Effective Bathroom Cleaning Tips

7 Effective Bathroom Cleaning Tips

7 Effective Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your bathroom can seem to be an arduous task especially when the surfaces are dirty. However, following some simple bathroom cleaning steps will make it less difficult. 


Cleaning bathrooms are different from cleaning other parts of the house because bathrooms have many sections that should be uniquely cleaned. Bathroom cleaning must include the windows, mirrors, bathtubs, vanity area and floor.

Effective Bathroom Cleaning Tips

1  Remove items and movables from the bathroom

All items in your bathroom that can be an obstacle to smooth cleaning should be moved out before cleaning. This is the first thing that should be done before anything else on effective bathroom cleaning tips. It will be a distraction to keep moving these items out of your bathroom while cleaning the different sections. Such bathroom items include but not limited to shower-curtain, shower curtain liner, bath mat, towels, toilet paper, and hand-soap dispensers among others.



2  Ensure to properly dust and sweep floor and surfaces


In applying the effective bathroom cleaning tips, it is best to start by removing dust and dirt from surfaces and floors by cleaning. There is no need to apply moisture to the cleaning since it is just to remove dirt particles and dust. They will still be cleaned using a cleaning solution and water afterward. 


3  Apply Cleaning to bathtub and surfaces


When you are ready to apply your cleaning solution, you can start with the bathtub and other surfaces. Apply cleaning solutions proportionately to avoid streaks. When applied, it should be left for some minutes before cleaning so that they can weaken stains on the surfaces. 


4  Rinse bathtub by turning on the shower

After applying the cleaning solutions and scrubbing to remove stains, you can rinse by turning on the shower. Mops can also be used to clean other areas that have been washed.


5  Clean floor

The floor should be cleaned too using the same method of applying cleaning solutions and rubbing it off to remove dirt and stains.


6  Clean vanity area

Your bathroom vanity areas involve the combination of the bathroom sink and storage around it. You can remove the filter and clean it to remove dirt that has built up there. 


7  Disinfect

After cleaning with your cleaning solution and rinsing it, you can apply your disinfectant on all the surfaces to ensure that germs, bacteria and viruses and eliminated. This is important to ensure a healthy environment free from coronavirus.




These effective bathroom cleaning tips will guide you when cleaning your bathroom. Professional cleaners also work with these tips to ensure that a thorough cleaning is done for bathrooms and other parts of the house.


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