How to clean a garage

How To Clean A Garage

How to clean a garage

For homeowners, the garage is a useful space where several items are kept. The modern-day garage is used to store more than just cars. When your garage is dirty and unorganized, it makes it more difficult to find items. In extreme situations, it might even result in the damage of some breakable items. This article is going to teach you how to clean a garage.

How to clean a garage- steps to take

Start with the easy stuff

Just like you do when cleaning other rooms of the house, with garage cleaning, you have to start from the basics. Clean the upper part by removing cobwebs, leaves, and dust from the top corners. After that, get rid of oil stains on the ground. This can be done with the use of sawdust or other absorbent material.

Garage cleaning
Garage cleaning

Store items properly

The next step in garage cleaning is storing items appropriately. Since the garage is a utility building that is used for various items, you have to ensure that items are properly stored to prevent spills. Ensure that items like paint are properly sealed in an airtight container to prevent them from being spilled. Spilled food is also known to attract pests and wild animals. Keep paper items and photographs indoor because they serve as a home to cockroaches and other bugs.

Sort the clutter

When cleaning your garage, you have to be intentional. Be sure about the items that you want to keep and do away with the rest. This will help prevent your garage from being turned into a dumping site. After selecting the items that will stay, you need to make room for them to ensure that everything is properly organized.


Even though this article teaches how to clean a garage, the job is usually best left to experts. Green tech is your best bet in this instance. We offer all forms of residential and commercial cleaning services in Crestview and surrounding cities. Request a quote or contact us to schedule garage cleaning today.

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