Residential window cleaning tips

6 Effective Residential Window Cleaning Tips

Effective Residential Window Cleaning Tips for Homes


Having Residential Window Cleaning tips at your disposal will help you do an effective window cleaning. You’ll have access to ideas that have worked to remove stains, germs, and dirt from windows.


Windows are among the commonly cleaned areas in the home. This is because, just like doors, they are the link between the interior and exterior parts of the homeWindow Cleaning tips for homes help to make cleaning more effective in removing stains, germs, and dirt.


Residential Window Cleaning Tips


1 Using Hot Water


Although not as effective as Hot water, Coldwater can also help in cleaning your windows. It is proven that high temperature makes dirt molecules to move faster, and this weakens the dirt. Since they are weakened, they can easily be removed from your window surfaces during cleaning. Therefore, these residential window cleaning tips focus on using Hot water, mixed with a cleaning solution, that will help you achieve an effective cleaning process.


2 Disinfecting with Vinegar


Disinfecting surfaces are highly recommended by the CDC as an effective coronavirus prevention measureTherefore, disinfecting your windows has become quite essential owing to the recent pandemic development. People can now get infected just by being in contact with contaminated surfaces. Vinegar, as a disinfectant, can help keep the windows free of pathogens.


Note that, after applying your disinfectant to the surfaces, allow it to stay for a few minutes before cleaning so that the disinfectant can work effectively.

3 Avoiding Streaks


Streaks can be found on window surfaces after the use of cleaning solutions when the right method is not used. This can occur as a result of over-applying cleaning solutions on the surfaces. Also, make sure to wipe the surface thoroughly after using cleaning solutions. 


4 Clean top down


The best technique to use while cleaning is the top-down approach, this removes dust and stains by cleaning from the top of the window down. It will ensure that dirt is not left on the surface of the window after cleaning. This does not apply only to cleaning after applying your solution. It should be observed even when simply wiping dust away.


5 Wipe before cleaning


It is important to wipe your window surfaces first to remove dust particles before applying your cleaning solution. This will ensure an effective clean for your window. You can use a soft, clean, and lint-free cloth to get rid of dust before applying your cleaning solution. 


Wiping it will ensure that more areas are exposed to be cleaned with the cleaning solution and disinfectant. This is important because germs can hide under dust particles.


6 Use different Squeegee for window sides


Your squeegee can help you clean effectively but you need two squeegees to clean each side of your window. The use of different squeegees for the windows aims at preventing the spread of dirt and dust particles from one side of the window to another.




These residential window cleaning tips will make your cleaning task, not just a lot easier, but more effective too. They will help you achieve the goal of having clean and attractive windows. They’ll also ensure that germs, bacteria, and viruses are eliminated.


They give you an overall idea of how bathroom cleaning can be done better, but they are not a substitute for professional cleaning services. These are derived from common expert cleaning practices that employ strict adherence to industry guidelines and standard practices.


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