Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services Carpet is fast becoming the favored flooring option for most places. The hallways, offices, hotel rooms, reception areas, and other hospitality spaces now use carpets, which can also serve as an air filter, to enhance the appearance of the work environment. For both residential and commercial premises, regular carpet cleaning is highly recommended […]

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services Windows are among the first things that an individual notices in a structure. Nonetheless, some tend to overlook the essence of having clean windows. Having your windows cleaned regularly can make a big difference. Regular high-rise window cleaning helps to protect the windows from dirt and germs that may be as a result […]

Carpet Cleaning

Important Facts About Carpet Bleach Stains and Spots

Important Facts About Carpet Bleach Stains and Spots Carpet bleach stains and spots are a big challenge to clean cleaning and they rank among the most difficult stains to clean. They often come from chemical spills on the carpet that oxidizes the color of the carpet. The colors can be partially or removed by the […]