Best window cleaning tricks

Best Window Cleaning Tricks

Window Cleaning Tricks

Window cleaning seems quite easy doesn’t it? But it’s not. Finding a way to keep grease and dust off the windows can be difficult for most homeowners. Fortunately, there are some expert cleaning tips which can be used to save time and energy when cleaning windows. In this article, we are going to be teaching you these window cleaning tricks to make cleaning more fun.

Here is a list of tools to make window cleaning more fun;


You need two scrubbers when cleaning windows. You’ll be using one inside and use the other outside to avoid transferring dirt.


Vinegar is a natural cleaning product used for cleaning windows. The acetic acid it contains easily removes grease from the window. The perfect mixing ratio for this is one cup of water for every cup of vinegar.


Along with the vinegar, you need to hold some rags when cleaning windows. It requires a minimum of two in this instance. One of the rags does the dirty job of wiping off stains and grease from the glass. You can use the other for detailing the edges of the glass.


Steel wool

Among the window cleaning tricks, most cleaners will tell you that stubborn stains require tough stain removers. The outside of the window often contains residue which is difficult to remove. This is nothing too hard for the steel wool to handle though. Lubricate the glass with some window cleaner and wipe away.

Magic eraser

The magic eraser works for removing water stains and silicon caulk on the windows.

How to Clean Your Window

One of the window cleaning tricks, cleaners should be aware of is -starting from the top.

  • Wet the scrubber with the cleaning solution and start in the top corner of the windowpane.
  • Drag down in a straight stroke. Each time you come down, ensure that you’re slightly overlapping the first stroke
  • Repeat across the entire window.
  • Rinse the window and dry it off with the rags
  • Use the steel wool and magic erasers to remove stubborn stains in-between to give the window a good shine.

Even with these window cleaning tricks, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Here at Greentech, we offer window cleaning services to businesses in Crestview FL and surrounding cities. Contact us or request a quote to get started.

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